the doctor is in

IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1932 elinor received a legit doctor set for her birthday and it has been all kinds of medical around here. she has the official doctor coat. she has a pager (that she loves to activate so she can then yell, "paging doctor's an emergency!"). she has all the implements. she is set.

the family has been receiving all kinds of check-ups. lots of listening to our heartbeeps. way too many shots. excessive checking of reflexes by telling us, "ooookay, this is a hammer. we're going to do this now..." and then, bam. right on the shin bone.

and everything else you can imagine.

she even performed impromptu surgery on ben's chest just moments after he returned from work. it was...unsettling. she took the scalpel right to his chest and told him to "be brave". at least she has a good bedside manner.

it is nice to have such a capable doctor in the family.