scenes from the season

not to freak anyone out, but thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. that happened fast, didn't it? i feel like we were just having a super premature discussion about the holiday season and is here. i mean, we are putting the tree up this weekend sooooooo... it's getting real, people. i just love this time of year. i know it is cliche. i know i say it every year. but that's just how it is. it's the most wonderful time of the year! the best weather and food and activities and all-around feeling. and so, i give you a post dedicated to some of the seasonal things that have been going on around here. enjoy!


sabbath supper. sunday afternoons are for bread baking and during the chilly months, soup making. give me all the soup. ben has been creating some tasty pots of goodness for the last month or so because soup/stew/chili is the very best on a sunday evening AND even better the next day (yes to leftovers that taste even better than the original am i right?). however, there is one recipe that he has been saving until thing got truly chilly. soup is delicious when it is 80 degrees in october but it is perfect when it is 65 degrees in november. and when the temps did a for real drop last week, ben busted out his smoky stout sweet potato chili. this scrumptious bowl has all the deliciousness of your standard veggie chili but he adds some stout and cacao for extra richness. this stuff is replete with nourishing ingredients and it is definitely one of my favorites.


a morning dog pile with cracked windows and coffee and devotional books and slippers and blankets and footie pajamas. everyone cuddles up after ridley eats for some quiet snuggle time. we read and chat while ridley bellows and squawks and chews and drools and blows bubbles. and the buddies burrow to stay warm.


some weeknight sustenance. sprouted grain penne with a dreamy-creamy purée of roasted spiced pumpkin, topped with sautéed balsamic kale with garlic and onions.


festive argyle sweater + wool pencil skirt + metallic flats. not pictured: a burgundy lip and librarian frames. this time of year is all about the school marm chic. and, give me all the sweaters!


one of my favorite spots on my morning run. it's nothing fancy, it's actually a barren spot next to a highway ramp. but i love it. it's quiet. abandoned. open. the perfect place to stop for a quick stretch before i turn to head home. and there is the most magnificent watercolor light against the mountainscape. this place, in all its unassuming glory, serves as a gentle reminder for me to pause and give thanks. in the obvious moments and the unremarkable places. in the pivot points of life. in the serene. in the splendid. in the stressful. in all things. in all places. give thanks. it makes me think of king david's song for sabbath (psalm 92): "it is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your faithfulness by night. for you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands i sing for joy."


this jolly little man. sporting sparkling eyes and a festive bum. pretty sure he is working on mastering the art of crawling so he can make his way to the presents on christmas morning... i can't believe this newborn of ours will be six months old for christmas.