collaboration + affiliation + promotion

Untitled we are blessed and honored and delighted to have developed relationships and partnerships with so many incredible and generous companies, shops, and brands over the past few years (gosh, next fall will be five years of S&D...that's kind of wild). we have had the opportunity to share some cool things that they are doing, and we have also been able to host some fabulous giveaways! everyone loves a giveaway, right? in addition to our dear dear affiliates who provide super swag (some to use and some to share), we also have many brands that don't always give us freebies but are very kind to us and give us discounts and deals and insider opportunities. very nice, indeed.

in addition to some big brands, there are also smaller ventures or home-based businesses that I LOVE TO SHARE on this little space of ours. i am a big fan of entrepreneurs and creatives and movers and shakers. and those big brands started out small, right? we all start somewhere. and gosh darn it, if you can't share and connect and lift up others then what is the point of social media?

to that end, i want to invite YOU into this collaborative/affiliative/promotional space. if you have a story to share. a business to build. a start-up to promote. an idea to foster. a brand to develop. i want to extend the invitation to you. this space is your your space. this land is your land. ma maison est ta maison.

i am looking at my 2016 calendar (already. already. CRAZINESS.) and i am looking for new things for the new year! fresh faces. unique voices. et cetera. and i would love to feature your writing or your blog or your product HERE. if you want to do a giveaway, i'm your gal. if you would like to be a part of a #followfriday over on instagram, i'm your gal. if you have a story to share, share it here. if you need to get the word out about something special, by all means, do it here. consider this blog a frou-frou digital soapbox for you. i would love to connect you and your products and your ideas and your words with the WONDERFUL readers of this blog.

and just a bit of housekeeping: if you get the posts by email, well, THANK YOU. but, make sure that you check the web version of the blog when possible so you can stay current on all the fun things going on. there are fun things taking place here that you might be missing out on in the email format. fun things liiiiiiike... ways to get involved and give back. parties i am hosting for friends and family. what we are up to in the health/fitness arena. what i have for sale in my poshmark closet. ways to support cool local companies and really good causes. and so much more. i keep this particular section of the blog pretty seasonal and fresh so make sure to keep an eye out for changes and additions. we are always up to something...

if you want to see our current collaborations + friends + affiliates + promotions, check out the right column of the blog >>> right >>> over >>> there >>>

and for you smartphone users, just make sure you keep scrolling aaaaaaallll the waaaaaaaay doooowwwwn to the bottttttoooommm of your screen to see what we have going on.

we would love to keep adding to that list so please let me know if you want to be featured. any and every person will be considered. so, drop me a line and lets do something great together! truly-madly-deeply, thank you for your years of readership and support and encouragement and involvement and kindness. you are the very best.

xo, rachel