taking stock | october's end

IMG_1831IMG_1836IMG_1837IMG_1838IMG_7029IMG_6885IMG_1859making // plans for elinor's birthday. cooking // veggie hash for lunch + soups with all the beans for dinner. drinking // rich smoothies + sparkling water + macchiatos. reading // the valley of vision + dr. suess + the abolition of man. wanting // to give christmas gifts to everyone, now. i love this season. looking // at preschools and classes for elinor. playing // phone tag. wasting // burp cloths. thanks, mr. ridley droolypants. sewing // still living vicariously through my mum. wishing // that i could freeze time. enjoying // family walks. waiting // for elinor to finish eating. liking // my evening unwind time with my man. sharing some wine. listening to music. reading. talking. watching the voice on hulu and some bbc stuff too. p.s. anyone else itching for downton and sherlock to start again? just another reason to move across the pond... loving // the itty-bitty fall outfits for the little ones. eep! tiny sweaters are the cutest. hoping // that i can make time to do more baking in the coming months. marveling // at the beauty of the sunrise. needing // to make a home depot run. smelling // leather and fresh air. wearing // a topknot + a maroon lip + soft plaid + boyfriend jeans + glitter flats. noticing // how strong ridley is. knowing // that i've got it good. thinking // about plans for new year's eve. (yes, already) feeling // grateful. and hungry. bookmarking // gift ideas. opening // a new workout DVD. i love adding to the collection. giggling // is my very favorite sound that ridley makes.

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