elinor says the darndest things

IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1672 just wanted to share a few elinor quips and cute-isms. mostly, to make sure that i document them somewhere. and hey! that's what this blog is for, am i right?

this little girl of ours is so funny. bursting with personality and imagination and cuteness and hilarity. she can be cheeky and sassy, for sure. but it is such fun watching her learn and develop and come into her own. i sure hope she keeps her creativity and joy and sense of humor.

* and those images above? pretty much the sweetest thing i could imagine. elinor wanting to play violin like papa. she has watched him practice and listened to the notes waft through our home since birth. and last week, while he was practicing, she stood next to him and silently watched him. absorbing. and then, she grabbed her stepstool. removed a wooden rod from her dollhouse. selected a play knife as a bow. chose a book to serve as her music book. and stood at his side, mimicking his every move. and she has been performing for us everyday, ever since. ben says she has really good form and hand placement and such. and she definitely has a good ear. but all i see is the precious heart of our little lady who just wants to be like her papa. this one's for the highlight reel folks. this is the stuff.

and don't tell elinor...but i am thinking a legit violin is going to be happening before too long. third birthday, perhaps? OH MY GOODNESS. third birthday. three. yikes. makes me all verklempt.

okay. back to the funny stuff. here are a few of my favorites from miss elinor. enjoy!

zucchini's goooood. for mama.

(elinor do you want a smoothie?) aww, no. i wanted lunch. smoothie's not lunch.

tell me about your work!

you wanna come in my playrooooon? (playroom) come ooooon.

you wanna read my Jesus book?

we need to pray. i love you God. amen.

i have a sister. his name is baby brother.


i want some booboo juice. (explanation: the company i work for along with my dad, BooBoo, makes this health elixir that we drink every morning. so instead of asking for it by its proper name, she asks for the juice that comes from BooBoo's company. booboo juice.)

what's your favorite? (she wants us to tell her what our favorite things are...for breakfast, to read, to wear, to go, etc.)

hey honey. (she hears ben and i call each other honey and now, she uses it on everybody else)

i love my family SO much.

oh! he made a toot sound. (when ridley fills his diaper)

and blah blah blah. (she will be telling a story and use this as a filler. hilarious.)

i'm just so sad. (what are you sad about?) i'm sad about...my life.

papa, i've got some schmutz on my face.

it's overcast. oh no! we can't wear our sunnies.

oh, cowl-wee. (how she pronounces charlie)

i'm getting bizzy... (when she is dancing and twirling and gets dizzy)

i not doing some-ping. (when i ask her what she is doing, usually, when she is too quiet or about to do something she knows she shouldn't)

mama, lets do some laund-rine. (laundry)

hey! we're doing dishwasher.

shaun teen max out. (what she calls the insanity workout with Shaun T)