wordless wednesday | jesus take the wheel*

IMG_1690 IMG_1691

* that time when your man has to drive to church separately for an early rehearsal and you manage to get the rest of the family out the door with time to spare (and your hair curled and lipstick on, no less) aaaaaand then you get a flat tire. sigh. and then you have a flash of, "i have changed a tire before. i can totally do this..." but then you think, "nah. i am wearing my new shoes and have two little ones in the car. and there's AC in here..." and then you call AAA and rock out to david crowder and bob dylan until rescue arrives.

and p.s. a hearty YAY! that elinor didn't have a peeing on the side of the freeway moment...

and p.p.s. elinor is scowling in that first picture because she had just asked "oh no...what 'bout church, mama?!" and i informed her that we probably wouldn't be making it to her class. she was definitely crestfallen. the scowl was intense. but at least it was for a super sweet reason. and yes, she has been reminding me about the ordeal ever since..."mama, 'member when we got a fat tire? that was very bad. we didn't go to church. oooooh noooooo."