some squares from our weekend

wahoo! what a superb weekend. what were you up to? we were busy doing all kinds of delightful things. i got a fresh pair of runners and ear buds for the cool months ahead. hellooooo, pavement! i am coming for you... we did some cleaning around the house. you know, run-of-the-mill homestead maintenance stuff. no biggie. we enjoyed tasty cups of coffee. some strong and bold and caffeinated. some creamy and steamy and decaf but perfect for sipping and relaxing. and we ate food. shocker.

and in a super fun weekend twist...we got to put some SOLD signs on two pieces of art! we added a small stunner to our collection (see above) and have a significant crimean beauty coming home very soon.

to toast the grown-up occasion, we celebrated with a cheese night and his-and-hers vespers. james bond style, right there. and appropriately russian. minus all the downtrodden-ness, of course.

and we need to talk about the beautiful coffee shop space above. hipster-minimalistic-midcentury-tastic right? phoenix has some real gems. with more popping up every day! i know we can't possibly keep up, but it sure is fun to try.

speaking of food gems... tea & toast co. folks. it's the very best. i want to eat that stuff every darn day. and if i lived closer, i absolutely would. dangerous. we keep talking about potential-future-us-dream-plan-maybe-hopeful-homesites and i say things like, "we could walk there! we could grab take-out whenever we wanted! wouldn't it be fun if..." gosh, there are so many lovely pockets in this city. charming, well-established neighborhoods. corridors with urban vibes. and areas with family appeal. decisions, decisions. all i know is that if and when we do move, we will need a whole foods nearby (i am super spoiled by having one about a mile away) and some kind of hip eatery and i will be all set.

here's to more cool days ahead. ripe with possibility and perfect for exploring the nooks and crannies and haunts and gastro-splendor that this town has to offer. here's to enjoying the extra special occasions that life brings. and here's to making memories of the simple moments enjoyed over cups of coffee too.