little miss mischief

IMG_1577IMG_1578just needed to make to sure to commemorate: 1) that cheeky look on elinor's face and 2) the way she does that popped ankle thing and 3) the following story of mischief...

so, elinor is not allowed to take water into her playroom because she tends to pour it out and make wet messes all over the place. it is all for the sake of tea parties and she is good about cleaning it up...but, we would prefer it if she keeps the water in the bathtub or pool or otherwise appropriate places. this kibosh has forced her to up her imagination game when it comes to tea parties. but it has also led to an unexpected side effect: clever wicked crafty deviousness.

a few weeks ago, elinor asked me if she could play in her playroom and i responded with a hearty yes. she was in there for about five minutes before emerging and slowly creeping over to where my water glass was. she stood next to the table and stared at it for a bit before sweetly asking, "i have some of that, i may, yes please?" (this is her current way of politely asking for anything). i said yes. she said thank you and took a sip. she then returned to her play room. a few minutes later, she returned, and had the same request. "i have some of that, i may, yes please?" again, i said yes. again, she said thank you and took a sip. again, she returned to her playroom. this repeated for the next ten minutes. clearly, she was thirsty after a long night's sleep and all that breakfast...

she then asked me if i wanted to have a tea party with her. yes, of course! so she told me that she would make some tea for me. a few minutes later, she asked for more water. this time, she turned away quickly. too quickly. and something i asked her to come back for a second. she pivoted and looked at me, cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk. hmmm. i asked her if she still had water in her mouth. she swallowed and replied, no. i stared at her. she smirked and attempted to skulk away to her playroom. i questioned her.

"are you thirsty today, elinor?"

"um, no."

"no? that's strange because you have had a lot to drink this morning."

"no. i'm okay. you want some tea mama? you stay here. i get it."

"hey, elinor...why don't i come into the playroom and watch you make tea?"

"no, it's okay. i'm fine."

naturally, i followed her into the playroom despite her protestation. and there it was. a tea pot filled with water. my water. from my cup. with a subtle film of elinor saliva from being transported across the house in her cheeks and then spit out into the tea pot to make some of the most dastardly tea there ever was.

she's a cunning one. and lest i think that she is too young or little or immature or unlearned to grasp something...i have this to serve as an example of where there's a will, there's a way. and she has quite the will.

all i could think of was "now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the LORD God had made". that glimmer in her eye. the way she knew that she had outfoxed me. her determination to get what she wanted. the creativity. the patience and plotting. it was pretty remarkable. and pretty wretched.

this is why we pray for her to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at an early age. that obstinance is built in. and sneaky. she needs Jesus. i need her to need Jesus. and i need Jesus. we all need Jesus.

and now, back to the task of molding that will and shaping her character and instructing her mind and softening her heart so that she can be used for good instead of evil. prayers are appreciated...

thank God that He gave her such a cute little face, this mischief maker of mine.