bébé numéro deux | 1 week old

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baby boy has been here for one whole week and we are all officially smitten. he is just the dreamiest. he is a bit of a leisurely eater but is learning to pick up the pace. he has pee'd pretty much everywhere as his parents work to figure out this whole diapering a boy business. he has lost his umbilical stump so there is a legit bellybutton now. he poops a billion times a day and usually while he is eating - stuff goes in and stuff comes out. he has a quiet little whimper cry that he likes to use when he is displeased with something (which isn't too often. again, he's the dreamiest). he loves to give his mama little hugs while burping and hold hands while eating. he thinks his papa is fascinating and funny and likes to mess with his beard. he gets so tickled by his big sister and stares at her sweetly. he has the longest arms and legs...and feet. he has the coolest widow's peak. he has deep, dark, blue eyes that are ever so intense. he has the pinkest skin. he loves to be held tightly while he curls up like a little frog. he seems to enjoy mama's lullaby and hymn singing during nighttime feedings. he likes to sleep on his side, all swaddled up. and he loves to sleep, in general.

baby boy has gained some solid weight since birth and is currently 6lbs 14 ounces. good job, buddy. he is letting his mama get some solid sleep too which is just grand. everyone is healthy and over the moon delighted.

life is good. God is good. we are so grateful for our family. and it just gets better each day.

soli deo gloria.