bébé numéro deux | 39 weeks

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progress & countdown: 39 weeks down & 7 days to go. one week. ANYtime. my pregnancy countdown posts with elinor only went to 39 weeks because she was born on her due date so...this could be the last one for ridley. CRAZINESS.

baby size: a mini-watermelon.

food & drink: same stuff, for the most part. BUT we added some extra tasty room service breakfast and fancy-schmany resort dinners to the mix over the weekend. and it was amazing. i really went for it to give baby a final caloric and flavor boost before he enters the world.

bump stuff: it is just so big. this last month has been so wild. everything has doubled in size, i'm pretty sure. and since he is shifting down into position, i have this super funny belly ridge at the top of the bump that is a total shelf before, pop...ball of baby.

highs: wrapping up projects at work and around the house so we can feel more settled and ready (did you hear that? ready. we are ready.) AND being able to enjoy a resort weekend to give us the feel of a little staycation-celebration-babymoon. just a little chunk of time at our favorite oasis to sleep in a hotel and have other people cook for us and watch some TV at night and enjoy the spa and pool. the good life. 

lows: oh, just the last weeks of pregnancy stuff. it isn't always a picnic but i am grateful that my body is getting ready. that means, home stretch!!!! almost done. almost baby time.

new developments: baby is just waiting to greet the world. he may measure about 20 inches long and weigh over 7 pounds. (boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls. yup. that is absolutely true, from what i can see and feel.) baby is busy building a layer of fat to help control body temperature after birth and the outer layers of skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath. 

meaningful moments & hormones & feelings: i am beyond grateful that he has stayed put this long. and i am also eager to get this show on the road and meet our little man! i hope that he joins us in the next few days... and it could totally happen! i just want to know when. sheesh. what a lesson in patience and control and submission.

superficial stuff: you know, feeling pregnant. the belly is crazy. the weather is heating up. and i am just doing whatever it takes to stay comfy and cool. and let me tell you...floating around in a lazy river at the pool is my very favorite thing. amazing weightlessness! i think that every pregnant lady should get some kind of water/pool/ocean/river/buoyant/weightless situation to go along with pregnancy. it feels so good, especially in those final weeks.

looking forward to: labor...birth...BABY!