IMG_1102 IMG_1105IMG_1106 just a couple of highlights from this beautiful week...and a whole lot of randomness and preggo stream of consciousness and clunky (ahem, nonexistent) transitions.

we had our weekly midwife appointment (everything is looking good!) and then decided to celebrate healthy baby/mama and a strong "heartbeep" with dinner at the farm. i grabbed my beloved vegan cheese crisp and ben was swayed by the poutine truck. we grabbed a table in the coffee shop and ordered up some big ol' iced decafs to pair with our meal and dessert. i guess if i have had a pregnancy craving this time around it would have to be the GF/vegan cookies (of any kind) from uprooted kitchen. okay, those and the raw cacao date balls from kaleidoscope juice. obsession level with these goodies. but they are essentially packed with seeds and nuts and nutritious bits so they count as healthy.

i keep checking my phone to confirm the inevitable 110 degree mark that will be happening in the next week. here comes summer! and then, it went from blazing hot and sunny to partially cloudy to undoubtedly overcast to full-blown rainy in the last 24 hours. i don't know what is going on around here but I WILL TAKE IT.

the nesting is in full swing. boxes have been showing up left and right. boxes filled with random newborn supplies and such. i actually busted out my faux grass baby bits drying rack the other day and topped it with my trusty pumping supplies and bottles and all that stuff. i guess we have a baby coming soon or something... the rug has been placed in ridley's room. the crib is dressed and ready. and the drapes are officially up. i am beyond smitten with our little man's fabulous baby cave. it is so dark and rich and perfect (but, more on that later). whenever the doorbell rings now, elinor yells, "oh! mama! the doorbell! get it, please. a gift for baby brudder!" she loves opening up boxes and putting things away for rid-ree. and she really loves when i leave behind an empty box because she gets a gift too. seriously though, it is so comical how excited she gets about a humble box. in the last few weeks, we have used it as a shopping cart, a fort, an airplane, a crib for her babies, and her office space where she takes fake calls and "gets her work done". imagination is kind of the best.

ben's generous and amazing team at work threw us a little baby shower this week and what a sweet surprise it was. the kinds cards for our little man. and the cutest gifts. one item that was hand-picked for him in paris during a honeymoon trip. you guuuuuuys. how thoughtful. to be thinking about a little something for our little prince while honeymooning.

and then there was that time on monday when elinor went to mom-mom's house for a playdate while i had a playdate of my own at the office...and greeted me at the door in the afternoon with a teeny bouquet that she had hand-picked from the backyard. those cute blooms have brought a smile to my face all week.

and speaking of smiles...my friend kate and her amazing crew will be here this weekend and i am beyond excited to meet up and catch up and eat-eat-eat.

happy friday, all! have a splendid weekend. we fully intend to do the same.