dear little prince

IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 dear little prince,

we are days away from june. i suppose it is time to kick it into gear and wrap up your room, huh? okay. we are getting closer and closer and things are coming together nicely. i still have some art to hang and bits and bobs to display, and the curtains and rug will be placed soon. but, we are feeling good. we should have everything pretty much done by next weekend. after that, it will just be some bath stuff and a few last minute supplies...and then, we are ready for you! you have diapers and clothes in your drawers too. eep!

in case you need a reminder, we would prefer if you would stay put and keep growing until after june 15. i would feel more settled and that would put you at 39 weeks which is a solid arrival time if you decide to come a tad early.

we visited the midwife this week and i have officially booked out the remaining weekly appointments from now until your due date. sooooo...that's kind of crazy. you are perfectly positioned and continue to be quite active and filled with attitude. you kicked the midwife a few times and kept moving away from the heart doppler. oh man. already spunky and opinionated. and they also said that i am definitely carrying you "compact", but that you aren't exactly teeny-tiny. they guessed that you are right around 6 pounds. and solid and strong, for sure. oh my goodness, i can't wait to meet you and see what you look like and get to know you better.

okay, little man. we will keep getting things ready for you if you will get yourself ready for us. deal? keep getting bigger and doing those last bits of developing...and we will see you oh-so-soon!

all our love,

mama + papa + elinor