elinor adorableness and some very tasty eats

IMG_1039 IMG_1038 IMG_1040 IMG_1041 this post is really starting off well, don't you agree? would you look at that little lady up there? my goodness. she is pretty darn cute. i can't even fathom the kinds of things that are going to happen to my mama heart when we welcome another little life into our world. our gal already makes my heart swell and swoon and burst. but another sweet face? another little one? more personality? more cuteness? gosh, what will i do with myself? i can only imagine all the gushing...

but this post isn't just about elinor and her cuteness, it is also about an evening out at agritopia with some super yummy food. read on...


how about beginning with the healthy stuff. that's a very good place to start. we arrived at the farm and i made a beeline to the uprooted kitchen truck. that stuff sells out fast and there is no way i was going to miss out on my farm veggie / vegan cheese crisp. it is always a winner. i ordered one of those and then my eyes were drawn to the dessert menu. i don't always get dessert when i visit this food truck and that is such a mistake. ALWAYS GET DESSERT. i got the vegan and gluten-free (healthy!) trail mix cookie filled with oats and almond butter and seeds and nuts and cacao nibs and tiny chocolate chips. seriously, a health food. and then i spotted the seasonal peach thumbprint cookie and that was also a must-have. oat cashew cookie filled with agritopia farm-fresh peaches and preserves. woah.

i shared my crisp with elinor and yes, i shared desserts too. and you know you have a winner when your man takes a bite of the thumbprint cookie and says, "wow! wait, is this healthy? gluten free and vegan? how do they get it to taste like that without butter?" bravo, uprooted kitchen. i would have gone back for another one if i didn't buy the last one... see, you gotta go for it before they are gone.

IMG_1025 IMG_1020 IMG_1024

and now, for the "good stuff". the united steaks of cheese truck was also serving up grub at the farm and when they are there, you kinda gotta. that truck is not a weekly thing so if you happen to go to the farm on one of their nights, you do the dirty delicious cheesy food thing.

ben ordered the cheesesteak fries. dangerous indeed. fries smothered with cheese and fry sauce and fried up beef. gives me heartburn just thinking about it...

and he also snagged a buffalo chicken sandwich with bleu cheese and carrot slaw which was quite tasty. i stole a bite of that and it did not disappoint. as you can see from my man's face, he was one happy camper with his naughty food. it was a treat for him. and, it was a perfect indulgence to make up for the serious lack of preggo cravings around here.

elinor was a happy girl too. she got plenty of mama's veggie crisp and managed to get a few of papa's fries. she loves to share food with papa. 95% of the time, our family eats the same dish for dinner (even when we dine out, we tend to order a pile of stuff and just splitsies) but elinor has so much fun in that 5% of the time when papa gets something different and "fun" and he so kindly shares with her. those two. food buddies for sure.

also, iced decaf americanos! 'tis the season. and the coffee shop at agritopia knows their way around one of those beverages. the perfect drink to sip along with our cookies.

outdoor dining, birds chirping, a warm breeze, guitar jams, iced coffee, and peach desserts...feels like summer to me!

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