happy birthday, mum!


these two crazy kids on their anniversary a few days ago. aren't they the cutest?

happy birthday, mum! i thank God for your life and what a gift you are to me, your son-in-law, your granddaughter (and almost-here grandson), your husband, your entire family, your friends, your acquaintances, your neighbors...and well, everyone who crosses your path.

thank you for loving your Savior. thank you for your tender heart and desire to learn. thank you for your gracious and sweet spirit - your giving nature and servant's heart. thank you for being a prayer-warrior and truth-speaker. thank you for being an encourager and edifier. thank you for being tender yet strong. thank you for loving fiercely and for your protective mothering. thank you for using your time and gifts and talents to bless others and bring glory to your Creator. you are creative and diligent and dedicated and imaginative and industrious.

thank you for showing me how to apply makeup and how to rock a bold lip color. thank you for showing me how playful and wonderful it can be to be a woman. for wearing fabulous heels and caring about accessories and knowing what is the proper amount of perfume. for loving to get all dolled up to go out with your man. for putting on your sunday best. thank you for encouraging me to play dress up.

and thank you for showing me how to deep clean tile and organize cabinets and starch and steam and wield a hammer and drill and fix broken things and create beautiful DIY masterpieces. for modeling the proverbs 31 heart and behaviors.

most importantly, thank you for reading the Word of God in front of me and to me. thank you for the value you placed on your quiet time with the Lord. for the countless days when i would see your Bible open and notes being taken in the margin and pieces of paper strewn about and your study materials piled up.

you are quite the lady. and on this anniversary of your birth, i hope that you know how loved you are and what a blessing you are to so so so many.