dear little prince

rhbc_prod380113 dear little prince,

we have sheets for you now. vintage european locomotive railway sheets. buying things for boys is such fun. i don't know what sort of things you will be into but i am looking forward to learning. playing with planes and trains and automobiles. baseball gloves and soccer balls and other such athletic things. you are already keeping me busy and you aren't even here yet! my belly is constantly bumping and lumping and morphing into bizarre shapes. you are packing on the pounds these days and i am definitely feeling it. you are big and strong and wild. and i love feeling your movements. although, those side kicks are not my favorite. technically, my uterus doesn't wrap around my sides and therefore, your feet really shouldn't venture there. testing boundaries already.

lately, i have been wondering when you will arrive. i would really love it if you would stay cozy until at least june 15. please and thank you. we are so eager to meet you but would appreciate all the prep days possible. and how will you arrive? will labor be like it was with your sister? will you come swiftly? will you draaaaaag it out? will you progress and come out to meet us easily or are you going to really make me work for it? so many questions... and i can't believe we will experience it all in mere weeks. five weeks from now, give or take. my goodness. that happened fast. you will be here with us soon. real, little, squirmy, squishy, live, you. i know that you will change everything. i know that my heart will swell like crazy as we welcome you into our home and life. and we can't wait.

ridley noble, we pray for you every day. we are so grateful for your life. we are having such fun with you already. you have a big and wonderful family waiting for your arrival. get ready for lots of squeezes and joy and kisses. it's gonna be good.

we love you oh-so-much.

mama + papa + elinor