snaps & snippets & blurbs

essentially, this post is a photo-dump of sorts. a few from the cutting room floor and a few that made it to instagram but not to the blog. nothing earth-shattering. but some pics that are cute or fun enough that i thought they warranted a legit snaps & snippets & blurbs post. please enjoy. IMG_1002

elinor has really been soaking up the early morning snuggles and i am pleased as punch. those post-wake-up moments together are some of my favorite. she is still a tad on the sleepy side but her mind is racing with stories from the prior day and all of the wild events from dreamland. she likes to curl up next to me or lay herself down next to me (or on me) and asks, "mama, can i just talk to you for a little bit?" OF COURSE YOU CAN. and then she tells me all the tales. some true and some imaginary. but all so amazing.

on quite a few occasions, elinor brings all her baby dolls with her and piles on the blankets and then charlie and coco get in on the action. me and all the snuggle-buddies. and ridley man kicking away in there too.


and then, elinor will ask to hold my hand and my heart explodes. this is the stuff. the cherry on top. the highlight reel. somebody pinch me, please.


elinor snatched my phone during playtime and took a moody black-and-white of her mad moon matching skills. is she something or what?


after being inspired by our "widwife" appointment to listen to baby brudder make "whoosh whoosh" sounds, elinor grabbed my handy-dandy computer cord and used it as a monitor to listen to papa's "heartbeep".


my favorite "fast food" breakfast after a morning yoga session. leopard bananas are just so darn delicious and i am a sucker for any kind of nut milk with chocolate. yum. i have been playing with my juicer lately to create some tasty nut butters and fresh nut milk but sometimes, you need a solid grab-and-go option and this is that for me.



a very happy anniversary to my parents! enjoy your day, lovebirds.