taking stock | march's end

IMG_0762IMG_0761IMG_0760IMG_0759 okay, to start things off...please take a moment and enjoy all that cuteness above. they are kind of my very favorite. the smiles and laughs and smirks and sheer happy. it does a heart good.

|making| plans and appointments. |cooking| sounds less and less appealing as the temperatures rise. bring on the salads! |drinking| juice and tea and kombucha. and really looking forward to enjoying an extra lime-y margarita with some chips and guac and tacos, come june. |reading| business plans. |wanting| to summer at the beach. |looking| forward to may. it is just such a great month of celebrations and such. |playing| dave matthews and john mayer and bob dylan. you know, summer jams. |wasting | paper towels. i blame it on spring cleaning. |sewing| well, not really truly doing this but i have been involved in the beginning parts (the fun and easy parts) of ridley's quilt. i put it in the hands of my talented mum who is now going to pass it off to her fabulous quilter friend. leave it to the professionals, i always say. so excited to see the finished product! |wishing| that it would camp out at 72 degrees and perfect for a few months. not thrilled about all this 90 degree business... |enjoying| family date nights and playtime with elinor. this is a fun and busy time for us. and i am obsessed. |waiting| for a load of laundry to finish drying. |liking| the extra light during the day. it makes me happy and optimistic. and makes me feel like i have more time! yes to that. |wondering| what our little man will look like. |loving| my new sunnies. |hoping| in His promises. |marveling| at elinor's physical growth and mental maturity. |needing| to spend more time outdoors. at least the 90 degree heat means pool weather! |smelling| amber and sandalwood incense indoors. and fresh blossoms outdoors. |wearing| my chambray shorts, like they are going out of style. |noticing| how much time i spend making lists and plans. is list addiction a thing? |knowing| that i've got it good. |thinking| about so. many. things. |feeling| happy. content. eager. excited. |bookmarking| the book of romans. |opening| the pantry to grab some ingredients. |giggling| at elinor's sweet voice and developing sense of humor.

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