featured on pregnancy perfect!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.54.37 PM today, i am honored and delighted to be featured over on the Pregnancy Perfect blog! i am appearing as a participant in the running the #9monthmarathon series. if you love a good belly shot and pregnancy story, this is for you.

Pregnancy Perfect was created by Anabell Ingleton who is an absolute beauty, inside and out. you can read a bit more about her story here and make sure to check her out on social media too. her instagram is filled with mama encouragement and pretty things and so many adorable pictures of her darling family. Anabell not only blogs and features stories of mamas, she also hosts a rad podcast! seriously, check it out.

here is a bit more about the brand and blog and concept, in her words:

Pregnancy Perfect and the Pregnancy Perfect Podcast is to give you, the Mommy-To-Be or seasoned Mom, more valuable tips, tools and inspiration that you can immediately use to make this pregnancy perfect for YOU!

The weekly podcast (new episodes every Wednesday…aka #bumpday) interviews feature new moms and/or more seasoned moms that share with us their experience through their #9monthmarathon (as I like to call it) as well as offering tips, family traditions and remedies, tech tools that helped them and MY favorites such as their weirdest symptom, crazy food cravings, the biggest lesson they learned AND what they would do differently.

Expecting a baby is one of the most wonderful times in a person’s life, however I understand that it can get overwhelming when preparing for the arrival of your baby.  (I’m actually pregnant with Baby Girl #2 right now!) You not only want to make sure you’re doing everything “right” to have a healthy baby but you want to find ways to continue to feel happy, comfortable and beautiful without feeling selfish.

My mission is to empower, support and educate you during pregnancy and the upcoming birth, as well as point you to the TOP online resources for post pregnancy, baby care and motherhood so you can feel less stressed and more confident that you are making the right choices for you and your growing family.

My goal is to feed your daily craving of community with other woman that have been there, know EXACTLY how you’re feeling and aren’t here to judge you, claim to be experts or wave that virtual nagging “no-no-no” finger at you, but simply share in the the miracle of what our bodies undergo during those 40 weeks (or less!)

Let me be really clear that I’m by no means saying that there is such thing as the “perfect pregnancy.”  Why the name “Pregnancy Perfect”? To highlight that each of us women are unique, have different bodies, we’re different ages not to mention that we are going to have very different pregnancies and babies.  But I do believe that we are made in God’s image and we are perfect the way he made us.  I wanted to create a community where you can come as you are, crazy quirks and all and feel completely comfortable and beautiful.

The pregnancy you ultimately have and create, is perfect….for you.

so cool. and i am tickled pink to included next to such fabulous ladies. you can read the full interview HERE. and make sure to keep scrolling to meet some other ladies who have shared their pregnancy stories.

thanks for having me, Anabell!