seasonal food

IMG_0660 i think it is safe to say that my pregnancy-induced poultry obsession has subsided. it was pretty hardcore there for a few weeks... and perhaps it was partly due to the weather and not just a growing baby boy. i always love a hearty dish when it is cool outside. rich and creamy and warm. things that "stick to your bones" as great-grandmothers would say.

but that food switch flips pretty much as soon as my eyes spot 80-degree temps on the forecast. i am such a seasonal creature. but that is the fun thing about seasons, you get an automatic change in mood and mindset. i switch my closet. i change up my exercise routine. i enjoy different foods that have been tucked away for a few months. it makes things feel fresh and fun and new, which i like. and it also mixes things up a bit so i don't get bored, ya know?

the last couple of weeks have seen more vibrant fruits for breakfast. more fresh juice concoctions. and a shift back to our more plant-based life. and it feels pretty darn good. light and refreshing. just as it should be this time of year.

IMG_0661 IMG_0663


and of course, as a farewell to fall/winter flavors, ben whipped up ˆ this ˆ scrumptious plate for our dinner the other night. a fitting way to say toodle-oo to rich flavors and welcome lighter tastes and more veggie yumminess. ben kept the rich flavors of winter balanced with hints of citrus and an ode to spring with some local raw honey (plus, it really helps to fight those nasty pollen allergens). the perfect transitional dish, right here. puree of roasted butternut quash with fresh lemon juice from our tree and salt and pepper. topped with sautéed cremini and oyster mushrooms + pecans + crispy sage. all drizzled with just a tad of brown butter and some honey.

goodbye, cold weather foods. and hello all things spring and summer!