mama moment


elinor is at such a fun age. tough at times, yes indeedilydoo.

but so great. i know i sound like a broken record, but i still can't get over the fact that we have a little person in the house. someone with her own particular thoughts and formed opinions and communication style. she actually contributes to our dinner dialogue and interjects comments and jokes! she has comedic timing and everything. too cute.

sometimes she just rambles and rambles and recounts the events of the day and other times, she tells us what she hopes tomorrow will hold. and always with such glee and wonder and joy and anticipation. but more than rambles, she now thoughtfully forms sentences. she will string together words and at times, pause to pick out an appropriate noun or verb. her vocabulary is exploding and she learns more each day. we can engage in legit chitchat as a family! with elinor. with our baby girl. my little peanut who was just in my womb like, yesterday. she converses. she has preferred topics. she asks questions. childhood development is an incredible thing. and i want to remember these darling and dear moments with her - the way that she surprises and delights us and warms our hearts daily. i know they will be sweet memories many years from now. but they also encourage me in the present. you know, on those days and in those moments when elinor is ignoring or testing or disobeying. in those moments when our strong-willed child is challenging us to the core and it feels like the very worst, those are the moments when i ask God to show me a sign of His goodness, and that is when my heart is reminded of elinor's bright spirit. her intelligent and witty mind. her curiosity. her boldness and silliness. her humor. her kindness and tenderness. her empathy. her proper etiquette. the unprompted please's and thank you's. those i love you, mama's. the hugs and kisses. her helpful manner. her desire to learn and explore and be involved in everything.

we love our little peanut. we love to watch her grow and we are so overwhelmed by what God is doing in her heart at this tender age. we pray that we can bring her up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. shaping her heart and expanding her mind. that she will love the things of God and want to please Him in her thoughts and words and actions. it is a moment by moment and day by day thing, and what a weighty honor and blessing it is to parent this life.

she treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.