bébé numéro deux | 25 weeks


progress & countdown: 25 weeks down & 105 days to go. um, next week, we will be in double digits. un-freaking-believable.

baby size: weighs as much as a rutabaga. 

food & drink: spring is pretty much here which has kicked my desire for all this fruity and fresh into high gear. breakfast has been lots of vibrant fruit with plenty of coconut water for extra hydration. and speaking of coconut...that is my go-to snack. lunch looks like big salads or raw veg and dip with some raw pecans, washed down with some chia kombucha or green juice. and dinner...well, i think that my paleo days might be behind me. the last week has been lots of veg variety and my beloved heirloom rice. and some of ben's bread in loaf or pizza crust form. mama and baby are quite happy.

bump stuff: i feel like the bump has gotten a bit out of control lately. and i can't believe that i still have 15 weeks to go. look out, folks. it is going to get crazy around my midsection. p.s. there is a throwback shot at the end of this post from when i was 25 weeks pregnant with elinor. you know, for comparison purposes...if you are into that sort of thing.

highs: celebrating my sister's birthday with the whole crew + playing outside with elinor + the gift of what i can only consider one last hurrah before the az heat...a few cloudy and cool days so that we had an excuse to sip tea and cuddle on the couch and watch british television and enjoy a final autumnal inspired dinner with squash and mushrooms and such.

lows: no complaints right now...and i am loving that. well, other than elinor trying my patience and testing boundaries DAILY which isn't *necessarily* pregnancy related or really, a "low" but it feels like something worth mentioning because it is very very real and current challenge for me. we are just in that time of development. a necessary time but a difficult time, nonetheless. she is one tricky little lady. trying stall tactics and diversion and whatever she can to delay obedience. good times. i am trying to show an extra measure of grace with her and not let any wild pregnancy hormones rage and make me short-tempered. this is an important time for us. we are drawing lines and setting standards of behavior and establishing attitudinal expectations and desired heart-sets. reinforcing foundational life stuff through loving discipline. so, i have been praying a lot (which again, is not a "low" and is in fact, a very good thing) and doing my best to shepherd her heart and mold her character. if you are around us in the coming weeks, you will most likely hear our mantra: we obey immediately and with a cheerful heart. we obey because it pleases God and honors our parents... i am hoping that if i say it enough and pray it over her enough and enforce it enough, it will be engrained into her little being. okay, kind of went down the rabbit hole there. back to pregnancy stuff.

new developments: baby now measures around 13.5 inches in length and weighs a pound and a half, but is beginning to exchange that long and lean look for some baby fat. yes yes! the best. as this happens, wrinkled skin will smooth out and baby will start to look more and more like a newborn. i believe we are entering that "gain a half a pound every week" phase of pregnancy. look out, belly! AND baby is growing more hair and if we could see it, we could discern color and texture. any guesses? another blonde? curly hair? dark hair like mama? can't wait to see...

meaningful moments & hormones & feelings: you know, just being stretched and beat up from the inside out, these days. crazy little man. he even full-on punched the doppler at our last appointment. attitude. major attitude.

superficial stuff: i am starting to feel like an entirely different being these days. my shape is all kinds of different and it feels so strange at times. it is wild the way that the body adapts and grows a human. i am trying to embrace it and not wish it away but there are days when i long for normal me again. bring on the preggo waddle, i suppose.

looking forward to: picking out some fabrics for ridley's quilt. too fun.