dear little prince

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 4.10.34 PM dear little prince,

goodness gracious, did you know that we are about three and a half calendar months away from meeting you? that is wild. and we just can't wait. but, please make us wait and continue to get stronger and plumper and more deliciously babyrrific. from what i have read, you are getting ready to really show off your growing skills now and i couldn't be more pleased. but if you don't mind, please don't get too carried away with all that. we don't really need to stretch my skin to the limit. thanks so much.

i must say, you are delightfully active. it is so reassuring to feel your squirms and punches and kicks all. the. time. you are so strong, already! and your new favorite is to ricochet off the walls of your uterine abode while swirling around. and honestly, it makes me a little queasy at times. i remember your sister making me all seasick too. thanks. i guess you are already in cahoots. i can only imagine what the two of you will concoct for your parents... look out.

ridley noble, we pray for you every day. and we are trying to talk to you more and more. we know you can hear our voices and it melts my heart when you have a little kickfest after i talk. your very own version of morse code. i don't exactly know what you are saying, but i so enjoy getting to know each other better. i am learning what makes you happy and when you like to rest. you have your own little routine and way of doing things...and i look forward to learning even more about you every single day, once you arrive. your cries. your cues. your way of eating. your demeanor. your sleep style. your facial expressions. there will be so much to absorb and we are beyond eager to meet you and settle into life with you.

stay strong and healthy, little prince. stay put and keep growing. i am savoring these days with you in my belly, this special time when i get you all to myself. but, come on june!

all our love,

mama + papa + elinor