a weekend of ben

IMG_0492 IMG_0493 ben's birthday was on thursday so instead of doing a date night and then having to face friday the next day (lame) we opted for a nice family celebration at home with some tasty treats for ben to enjoy...and then, date night for us on friday night sans two-year-old.

we dropped off elinor for a playdate with ben's family and we took off for dinner at the gladly. one of our faves. mostly, we selected this spot because the birthday boy's pregnant wife was majorly wanting the best burger in town. and he did not object.

we were dressed up all swanky and dapper like and it felt so nice to have an evening of just us. oh how we need these nights together. and it is extra fun when we are celebrating a birthday!

here are a few snaps from the evening.

IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0500 IMG_0501

pssssst...that is what they call a "hillbilly egg roll" which is a cool name for an egg roll filled with bbq style meats and cole slaw and such. with extra spicy dipping stuff. it was mighty tasty.


after fondue and that hillbilly business, we decided to share the burger so that we had some space left for dessert. not gonna lie. kind of wanted another round of burgers... 


okay, okay...the lighting isn't the best and it may look like a mess, but this dessert was incredible. fig bread pudding topped with chocolate marscapone fluff and served with dreamy caramel and some cacao nibs for extra crunch. ben was a happy man.

after all that food and fun, we figured that we should extend it into saturday. we hosted a family brunch at our place so that a larger crew could celebrate together and enjoy some of ben's favorite foods. we had extra dark roast coffee and fresh orange juice and caramel turtle kringle (thank you for that "appetizer" contribution, mark and amy) and fruit salad and then...ben's brunch request: my homemade buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy. and not to be all braggy but it was pretty darn good. i can do a mean plate of comfort food, when called upon to do so. not good for everyday meals (or our waistlines) but it comes in pretty handy for a hubby who wants a plate of over-the-top goodness for his birthday.

and of course, you must have a birthday cake. rachel claire to the rescue. ben's sister made TWO coffee cakes for us to enjoy after our feast. you gotta end on a sweet note...

incredible stuff, that coffee cake. and sadly sadly. i failed to capture a picture because as it so often is, the best stuff is devoured before it can be photographed. but let me tell you that it is the best coffee cake ever. and so dangerous... zero self control with that stuff. oh my.

here are a few more pics of food and such. enjoy!

IMG_0505 IMG_0504 IMG_0506IMG_0507

good stuff. we also did lots of birthday shopping for ben. i am talking new phones and fancy suits and business attire. we are way too grown up. buying suits. sheesh. but that is what he requested and what can i say? the man looks good in a suit.

i think he felt celebrated and spoiled which is as it should be. AND, we still have a little shindig planning for this weekend with my family. let the party continue. ben's birthday is the best.