#12DatesofChristmas2014 | number eight

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{on the eighth date of christmas}

date night at citizen public house

what a perfect evening. ben and i dropped off miss elinor and dashed off to CPH to grab a table in time to catch the last hour of happy hour {ahem, all of our favorite starters and drinks for a steal. you gotta...especially when you are the kind of folks who like to order up double the fondue}

the nice thing about the winter is that it gets dark much earlier so pigging out at 5pm doesn't feel as old-folksy. and the rest of dinner feels like a late-night treat. the bad thing is that is makes for increasingly grainy and shadowy pictures as the night goes on. i pulled out my very best editing tricks for the main course and dessert. alas, i could not do them justice. my apologies.

* i have waxed-pathetic about this great first-world woe over on instagram before. that horrible winter lighting. the only real con of this time of year for me so, i will take the bad with the good. but i digress.

so, our date. we ordered up some drinks and snacks to get the party started and settled in for a long winter's night. it was so wonderfully rejuvenating and enjoyable. just us. it felt like it had been much too long. i know it wasn't really...but clearly, the timing was right and we both must have needed that time together. our decompressing sighs as we sunk into our chairs must have been heard around the restaurant.

after taking some time to nibble on the two courses of fondue and warm, sweet, savory mixed nuts; we ordered the main course. the gosh darn amazing lamb burger. they know what they are doing so it is a must. cucumber-y tzatziki and all. that's right. i downed a pile of cucumbers like they were the best things ever. and that is how good this place is. it makes a cucumber eater out of me. and the fries, the fries!

after that, we figured it was a go big or go home situation so we opted for going big since it was not nearly time to go home. two desserts. a cocoa pot with cookies and the apple bacon bread pudding with maple ice cream.

yes siree, Bob. and that's how you do it.

thanks for taking me on a date, hubby of mine. you are the best one. i love getting to do this life thing with you. Happy Christmas.