baby sawyer

IMG_0446 IMG_0445 DSC_0012 miss sawyer may elenius made her debut on december 3, 2014 around 4:30pm after a solid 40 hours of natural labor. my sister was quite the rockstar and that husband of her's was a champ. and i was honored and blessed to be there to witness a good portion of the labor as well as her arrival. once she finally got into position and decided to make her way into the world, it happened rather quickly with only about twenty minutes of pushing. and thank God for that. her mom and dad (and extended family) were ready to meet her!

she is squishy in all the right places. cheeks for days. and the longest fingers and feet i ever did see. she will be a tall one, that's for sure. 9.3 pounds and 21.5 inches long. she is healthy and pink and perfect.

after she had arrived and all were situated, ben brought elinor to the birth center to meet her new cousin. and oh my, was she ever tickled to meet her. she held her hand and touched her face and giggled. a real, live, squirmy baby! she is still insisting that it is "my baby, mama!" but we will straighten all that out...

and just because i think it is hilarious: sawyer is in the 95th percentile for height and weight and miss elinor was in the 5th percentile. so, we definitely have the high and low covered in the gene pool. but what elinor lacks in height and weight, she makes up for in head and shoulders. her head size was a half inch larger than sawyer's. how's that for proportions? elinor had to grow into her head and sawyer gets to grow into her feet. they make an excellent pair.


sawyer girl, we are delighted to meet you and look forward to watching you grow in stature and grace and beauty. you are a sweet gift from above and so blessed to have two devoted parents who will be kind and strong and point you to Jesus.

and hey, thanks for finally coming out!


p.s. i got to put a fresh diaper and an oh-so-soft outfit on this little nugget and steal her for a bit to snuggle and take in that newborn smell. the stuff dreams are made of, i tell ya.