for those long-time readers, you have probably heard of our 12 dates of Christmas tradition. we even have an entire category dedicated to it on the blog. now that's legit. this year, we have continued the tradition but i have slacked on consistent posting of our events. if you follow on instagram then you might have seen some things pop up. i tagged our dates last year with a #12DatesofChristmas2013 and it was a handy-dandy way to search for them and remember what we did. so this year, i brought that back. #12DatesofChristmas2014 is in full swing! we started the season a tad early around here just to make sure there were plenty of days on the calendar for celebration. we put the tree up on the early side so that served as a kickoff to our dates. here's what we have been up to so far...

 {on the first date of christmas}

decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music

{on the second date of christmas}

cheese night

{on the third date of christmas}

watching love actually and sipping eggnog

{on the fourth date of christmas}

watching FRIENDS thanksgiving episodes and sharing a pint of mistletoe ice cream

{on the fifth date of christmas}

going on a family ice cream date to enjoy some seasonal ice cream flavors

{on the sixth date of christmas}

town square tree lighting and snow fall with some festive beverages

see? lots of festivities thus far. a perfect mix of outings and family time and relaxing home time. i am all for a date night out and activities but sometimes, it is extra special to curl up as a couple and share a pint of ice cream or a bowl of popcorn while watching our favorite movies. we don't really get a ton of those quiet and "down" moments so when we do, it feels pretty dreamy.

here's the rest of the plans for the season, in case you want to know. stay tuned for some fabulous posting!

family movie night with a big bowl of popcorn

date night at citizen public house

seeing the hobbit and dinner at hopdoddy burgers

wrapping party and Christmas movie with family

cookies and cocoa night plus early gift opening with family

annual holiday party with friends