winter workouts

IMG_0436 IMG_0431 'tis the not let the turkey and gravy and festive treats get the best of me. confession time: i pretty much exercise so that i can eat. i like to eat. and we eat pretty well, most of the time. but you know those times when you just want to eat ice cream? or pie? or drink all the eggnog? i have those times. and i enjoy those times because if running six miles doesn't give you a little license, i don't know what does.

okay...i don't exercise just so i can eat a ton. i do it because i feel better when i do. i may not always want to start but once i do, i am glad that i did. an extended running session gives me a great boost of happy. yoga stretches me out and keeps me balanced. it challenges me. resistance training and interval training makes me feel fierce and strong.

during the cooler months, i like it mix it up more. mostly, because the weather outside is anything but frightful around here. and an early morning outdoor run feels amazing. cranking tunes and hitting the pavement. a bit of time to get out and clear my head. i take advantage of this amazing time of year to spend more time outside. getting some fresh air and vitamin D. plus, running with Christmas lights and tree-lots all around is just plain great.

sometimes, i want to just enjoy some flow or strala yoga. preferably, by the light of the tree. and sometimes, elinor and i have dance parties because that counts in the feel-good department too.

do you have a routine? what are your favorite exercises? do you mix it up? are you a rockstar cross-fitter? do tell.

* also, my favorite post-workout beverage from harmless harvest now comes with cinnamon and clove added so that makes me feel all festive while i rehydrate!