{saturdaysanté} week 34 | august 23

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well, this wasn't the most relaxing weekend...but we sure packed a lot in! so, that's good. i guess if you can't have a chill weekend, productivity is second best. i mean, there are definitely weekends when all i want is to just crank out a bunch of work and check projects off the list and such. but i really wasn't feeling that for this weekend. this week was pretty bananas, folks. work stuff and toddler-ness, etc. we felt pretty stretched. and we both wanted to do absolutely nothing come saturday. but that just wasn't going to happen. and so, you roll with it and make the best of it and carve out fun and rejuvenating moments as you go.

ben had to work from home for a good part of saturday {thanks to some developments from said bananas week} and elinor had more energy and crazy than we have ever seen. she wanted to do it all! all at once. oh, and there were groceries to buy and put away and plan and prepare. and did i mention that we've been on the hunt for a new car? yup. so that was on the docket for the day as well.

we got the meal planning and grocery shopping done early. and p.s. we have officially graduated to two carts. thanks, produce! once we were fed and settled at home, the day really took off. and it is a bit of a blur. all that i know is ben completed all his work and elinor played hard and made tons of messes and napped really well and i got to drive my new mama mobile off the lot. i am kind of obsessed. a black on black on black {once the super dark tint is in} beauty that is the perfect car for us right now. still kind of sedan-y but extra trunk space and more of a family car feel. i know that one of these days, i will give up my small car ways and get a big ol' SUV, but not now. now is all about the wagon. i have been looking at a few options but when push came to shove, i just couldn't betray my loyal VW. they have been good to me since 16. and they have grown right along with us. and so...jettawagen! TDI folks. crazy amazing mileage and so much zip! turbo, i like you a lot. plus, lots of sporty features for you, know...sporty, sporty us. and a massive panoramic sunroof which i am itching to open. come on fall!

to christen the car, we decided to take it out for a little spin after dinner.

sidebar: dinner was a perfect weekend-y meal. sprouted whole grain bread with extra seeds all toasted up and smothered with vegan mayo. then some smoky tempeh + avocado + red lettuce. the vibe of a BLT but with tempeh instead of bacon and avocado instead of tomatoes because, ick. so, a TLA. you guys, you need some of this in your life. and i won't be upset if you add back the tomatoes.

okay, so after dinner. we hopped in the car and went out for some errand-running slash meandering and relaxing. off to the biltmore fashion park! our favorite kind of playground...

elinor ran around and got her wiggles and wild out on the lawn. we spent way too much time and money in teavana. we window shopped and rolled out eyes at the sweaters on display in the j.crew window {while simultaneously swooning over the sweaters on display in the j.crew window and promptly heading inside to plan our fall wardrobes}. and then, we were sucked into the new jonathan adler store. yay! FINALLY. phoenix is on the map folks. and let me tell you...a dangerous place. so bright and fun and very poirot. midcentury charm meets exotic travels and southern chic. love it. i am a big time fan of jonathan adler designs and i am in big trouble now that there is a showroom here. i have already found four chairs that i want. like, really need. and the couches? too cool. plus they have this velvet bed that would be over-the-top amazing. we really need a bigger house or just an additional house. that would work too. okay. so get a massive or additional house and then buy all the things required to fill it. american dream. but this store really was a dream. we had so much fun playing and planning and yukking it up with the fabulous sales guy. we will be back. oh, we will be back.