recent foodstuffs

the happiest of fridays to you! to get your appetite and salivary glands all ready for the weekend, i figured i would share some of our recent "instagram" meals over here on the blog. and you don't need to say it. i know that i should be better at posting recipes. slap on the wrist. but i find it more interactive and fun and easy-breezy to just post the basics on IG and then answer questions as a go. call me lazy. but if there is ever something you see on here {or over there} that you would more info on, just let me know! i am happy to jot down some notes and helpful hints. and i will really truly get back to regular nourriture posts.

* look, marisa! i am taking this step in your honor. more consistent recipe-posting to come. you know, so i can get a good collection going on the blog that will somehow turn into a sweet book deal one day. it's that easy, right? {wink, wink}


quinoa pasta tossed with roared garlic and topped with ratatouille and a light dusting of parm.


a CSA feast. simple wheat berries topped with a sauté of hubbard squash and garlic cloves with a splash of balsamic. finished with some celtic salt and roasted hubbard squash seeds.


coconut oil roasted butternut squash with garlic and black pepper + black beans with caramelized onions and hungarian wax peppers and anaheim chiles + some avocado to cool things down a bit.


celery + dino kale + lime + green apple + ginger juice.


forbidden rice ramen tossed in tamari served with coconut oil wok'd broccoli + onion + cabbage + peas.


a chip feast! dry baked organic spud wedges served with ketchup {using orange blossom honey + bananas + raisins for sweetness and a random mix of earthy spices like cinnamon + allspice + cloves}


garlic wilted spinach + curried cauliflower + red pepper hummus + extra sticky jade pearl rice.


nori rolls using leftover sticky jade pearl rice and veggie odds-and-ends. vinegared rice rolled up with freshly grated ginger + cauliflower + carrots + zucchini + red bell pepper + avocado. served with tamari and liquid aminos for dipping.


pretty and frothy magenta juice. 3/4 purple cabbage head + 2 oranges + 1 grapefruit.


zoodles {spiralized zucchini} warmed and tossed in a veggie sauce made from a robust roast of cauliflower + red peppers + garlic + tomatoes. a drizzle of olive oil, some oregano, a sprinkling of celtic salt, and a light dusting of parm to finish. perhaps a dash of nutritional yeast if you've got it. it is a pantry staple for us. mixed into elinor's power porridge, sprinkled on popcorn, etc.