{saturdaysanté} week 29 | july 19

IMG_0053 IMG_0054 today's saturdaysanté

this morning, i slept in. guys. woah. it felt so great. no joke, for the first time since elinor was born, i didn't have an alarm of any sort or even a hubby sweetly waking me. i just slumbered until i woke up. okay, my internal clock still got me up at 7:15 but it was absolutely on my terms. i just eased into the day. luxury, i tell ya.

i walked out of my bedroom and peeked into elinor's chambre. instinct, at this point. it was so soft and quiet and serene. yet, it felt so empty and strange without its tiny powerhouse of an inhabitant. sleepovers at the grandparents' sure are grand, but the house is so different without our little miss.

i couldn't resist the urge to capture this moment. to document her room at this particular point in time. knowing that she will soon move out of her baby bed and into one fit for a big girl. that we will change and rearrange and redecorate in the coming year to give her a new space for the next phase of life. for now, she is still part baby, and that is okay with me.

i made my way downstairs to join my hubby for some totally relaxed and selfish morning time. not a care in the world, had we.

i wasn't planning on getting a coffee so i told ben that i wanted to use my starbucks birthday freebie on him. buuuuut, due to a fortunate barista mishap, we ended up with another venti americano for free! so, the day was off to a fab start. free coffee always tastes a bit sweeter.

we sipped and conversed and then enjoyed some breakfast together. we got our yoga on and made plans and just reveled in the simple pleasures that a morning to ourselves can hold. seriously though, whatever did we do with ourselves, back in the day? what were weekends like? how did we fill our days? craziness.

as for the remainder of the day? we are meeting up with my family for a little birthday shindig and then i have a date with my man at home. on the couch. popcorn and wine. and some guilty pleasure hulu show-watching, birthday girl's choice. so you think you can dance and project runway. because, my hubby is dreamy and kind like that.

happy saturday!