that time we went out to dinner and ordered all the food

IMG_0045 IMG_0044 IMG_0043 IMG_0042 IMG_0041 IMG_0040 enough said, am i right?

on friday, ben and i dropped off the little miss with ben's parents and met up with my folks for a belated joint bday dinner. back in may when we celebrated their birthdays, we promised them a double-date night because...why not keep the party going, the food coming, and the wine flowing?

and so, it was off to local bistro with us. definitely a good joint. and one that we do not visit frequently enough.

we grabbed a table and got a bottle of wine for said table. oh, and they give you the option of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit for your water. grapefruit all the way. it is really the simple things that make an impression... all places should offer that citrus range, if you ask me.

and then, the obligatory and always amazing drunk bread was ordered. it is white wine soaked bread that is covered in gruyere and broiled until bubbly and gooey and perfect. honestly, a skillet of that and a glass of wine would just about do it for me.

but why stop there. not when there is mushroom risotto on the menu. because that is mine. and it did not disappoint. is there anything more decadent and delicious than risotto? no, the answer is no. it was so rich and flavorful and i really should have taken things slow and perhaps shared more or left some for later...but, that definitely did not happen.

and it wasn't even like i was hungry. drunk bread to start. a glass and a half of wine. oh, and in addition to our bread, my dad ordered up a pizza for the table to start things off, because he is fab like that. pretty sure we didn't NEED the pizza but i wasn't hating that. i am not one to turn down a slice of 'za.

we sipped and savored the food. we swapped stories. and we sat and let the food settle and conversation linger well after the plates were cleared and the bill was paid. that's a good friday, right there.