we are just so outdoorsy you guys

is it just me, or have we been spending way more time outside this year?

IMG_0026 IMG_0027

it is blazing hot and exceptionally sticky with all this monsoon-haboob nonsense and yet, here we are, outside. we have been eating outside and going on walks and exploring backyards. i pop elinor into her sling and we stroll around farms and neighborhoods. yard work and splash time and just sitting listening to music and sipping wine. you'd think we were living in some 72 degree perfectville where being outside in the summer is a pleasant experience.

* um, and speaking of slings...if anyone has about five hundred bucks lying around and would like to invest in our sakura bloom collection, would you check out this beauty please? that is some serious gorgeousness, right there. the entire SHABD line sold out in like, an hour...because, it is rad.


and look! my child is running around in the grass in her bare feet. all itchy-scratchy and everything. and she doesn't seem to hate it. in fact, she actually enjoys some time playing in nature. her hands in the dirt. plucking things off trees. searching for creatures. and as long as she has her trusty water bottle, she is good to go. hours on end of walking and romping and adventuring.

and as i type this, my hubby is outside with a cigar. and it is nasty out. but, it is like he doesn't notice.

could it be that we have finally acclimated after 24+ years of desert dwelling? could it be that we enjoy all this craziness? or perhaps we are just making the best of the situation. or perhaps the heat has melted our brains into a docile pile of mush. perhaps we have acquiesced. there is something fishy going on around here...