splishy splashy

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on the fourth, we decided to keep things simple and eat lunch out. we grabbed some burgers and fries with my family and then changed the little miss into her swim ensemble for some splash time. i don't know who enjoys the splash pad more, adults or kids. i mean, elinor clearly enjoys it. but we have a blast watching as she eases into the situation and then as her confidence builds, runs into the water with gusto. she examines the other kids and wrinkles her nose at their behavior. she saunters and says hello. she squeals with delight. she blinks wildly after a face-full of water.

ben and i sat back and let grandpa play guardian. he guided her into the water, splashed and played. and then once she felt more secure with the setup, the grown ups could just hang back a bit and watch and laugh. elinor would run into the fountain and drench herself then giddily run back to wipe her face off on the towel. it is fun to watch her grow and interact with her surroundings.

the splash pad is truly the toddler watering hole. so much to see and do and learn. so much behavior to observe.