baby you're a firework

IMG_0021 IMG_0022 hey there and howdy! i hope you had a fabulous fourth and a wonderful weekend. we absolutely did.

lots of grilled goodness and veggies and potatoes in all their forms and cheesecake and tortes and all kinds of sweetness. all of which, i failed to capture on film. or, i guess on digital. either way, oopsies. we took in a few fireworks in spite of the cloudy weather and crazy haboob action. oh desert, you are funny.

yesterday afternoon was mostly spent outdoors. yard work and splashing and getting our vitamin D dose. and fruit. we have been eating all the fruit. oh, and my craving for dave matthews came back hard over the weekend which can only mean that summatime is in full swing. life is a bowl of juicy cherries right now. and we are digging in.