celebrating eight years



on our anniversary eve, we enjoyed a slow and lengthy evening at the gladly. we got there early so we could have the joint to ourselves and allow the happiness of happy hour to spill over into the evening. it was a wonderful evening. the food was scrumptious, as always. and the conversation seemed exceptionally enjoyable. light. hopeful. joyful.

and we ended our time with one of my new favorite desserts. blueberry maple bread pudding. buckwheat cake + custard + blueberry compote + maple marscapone ice cream. it was dreamy.


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and on our real-deal anniversary, we ventured to royal palms. the site where the magic happened eight years ago. it is our favorite spot. so magical and misty. so bright and warm. fuzzy and hazy and charming. our own mediterranean oasis.

we spent lots of leisure time there {never enough, if you ask me} and enjoyed a meal to end the day. after dinner, we took one last stroll before leaving the grounds. we relived the special spots from the day. stole a smooch in front of the fireplace "altar" where we shared our first married kiss. we told stories. we talked about our hopes and plans for our marriage and dreams for our family. it was grand. perfect. sublime.

here's to eight times eight years more, and then some.