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ladies and gents. i am turning thirty next month. on the 20th, to be exact.

i am by no means bummed about this occasion. in fact, i revel in the opportunity and excitement it brings. a fresh decade! my twenties are done-zo. not that my twenties weren't a meaningful and remarkable time. they were just what they needed to be. but they have served their purpose and time marches on... and marches right on into a shiny new season of life. i am ready for it. it feels good already. my hopes are soaring.

you and me, thirty. we are going to rock this.

but just like any other milestone, it is much more enjoyable if it is celebrated with friends. so that got me thinking...

i started jotting down some of my favorite things at this stage in my life. some are mama things and others are home decor and then there is skincare and pretty items and of course, food. and all that pondering and jotting resulted in a pretty fab list of items from some incredible business owners and creatives and brands. most of which, began as small start-ups. entrepreneurs. regular folks. locals. mamas. friends with a wild idea. and now, they are making it happen. dreaming dreams and setting goals and rolling up their sleeves and just, doing the thing. and i am all for that.

i giggled with excitement. the word GIVEAWAY flashed in my mind. wouldn't it be grand to host one amazing giveaway after another in the days surrounding my birthday? yes, why yes it would. i mean, what could be better than partnering with people who are brave and passionate and creative and ingenious and bright and smart...people who create products that are just plain cool? and then, to share all that with friends? yes, please.

and so, i reached out to those cool cats on my list and asked them if they wanted to get in on all this birthday fun. gasp. each one responded with a big, fat YES. with exclamation points, to boot.

and here we are. i am officially kicking off my #madameswankyturns30 giveaway series. hip, hip, hooray! the giveaways will overlap from june 20 until july 30 and i will be conducting them on the blog and on instagram...so check that out as well. it is going to be so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. that's really all i can say. i am beyond tickled to be able to do this.

a huge thanks to all my giveaway partners. you're the best. mwah!

xo, rachel a.k.a madame swanky