friday funness

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oh friday evening. you thing of beauty, you.

ben and i dropped off the little miss so she could play the night away without any parental units cramping her style, and we headed out to the henry.

and it needs to be said that we love the henry. their lunch is delicious, their coffee bar is fab, and happy hour dinner time is superb. the joint just has the best vibe. like hanging out a a super classy friend's house. an old friend that you feel completely comfortable with...but who is also proper and polished, with a finely-honed sense of style and their well-appointed home has perfectly placed pillows and a curated collection of decorative bits. oh, and they know their way around the kitchen too.

we grabbed a table and got down to business. and by business, i mean beverages. ben and i perused the menu and people-watched and chatted while we waited for the other half of our double date to arrive.

beth and bryan breezed in and joined us at the table. they ordered some libations and we caught up. i know bethany from back in the day. high school. which is indeed, back in the day. and we have become somewhat reacquainted through the wacky world of instagram. she is a remarkable lady and her husband is equally amazing. and they know what life is all about. they are strong and honest and real. they are passionate. they are creative. and after a year or so of picture liking and commenting, we arranged an evening out. some reconnecting. some sharing of our love stories. some laughter. family, the good old days, children, church, beer, bread, yoga, tea, and even some sports. we covered our hobbies and hopes and homes and wanderings and work. we ate and enjoyed some time of "you too?" and "me too!"

it felt easy. it felt simple. it felt nice. refreshing and enjoyable. we'll do that again any old time.