father's day funness

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we had so much fun celebrating the fathers yesterday.

ben's morning started off with a special breakfast of local roast coffee + a croissant + pain au chocolat + cigars. and no, he didn't light up a stogie before church, those babies are for later...but he did share his pastries with elinor and she was in heaven. she loves her papa. and eating tasty buttery goodness with papa is extra dreamy.

after church, we gathered at my parents' pad for some brunch and further festivities. we had it all. freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. infused simple syrup for fancy beverage building. fruit salad and yogurt and granola. fennel and citrus salad. a platter of ben's english muffins for our build-your-own bar. plenty of heirloom tomatoes and avocados and cheese and butter and jam and peanut butter and honey and bacon and eggs. you name it, we did it. everyone grabbed some muffins and dressed them up. so many tasty combos.

we ate and watched golf and played and splashed and my mom and i even worked on a quilting project...

good times indeed. and then, a relaxing evening at home with a worn out and goofball-giddy elinor. hurray for father's day!