a splendid friday

postino5 postino3 postino4 postino2 postino1 friday night was a good one. a grand one. it just had that summertime feeling. the intense heat of the afternoon slowly dissipated into a soothing evening warmth. the air was dry and engulfing. ochre umbrellas shielded us from the lingering sun. misters cooled the ambient air. we hydrated with refreshing, ice-filled glasses of water. so cold that it shocks your teeth and you can feel it from your tongue to your tummy.

ben and i met up with some friends for a splendid time. we watched as the sun set. the colors changed. the moon rose. shadows fell. figures shifted around us. we swapped stories and laughed. we sipped wine and enjoyed bruschetta and other equally tasty morsels. we melted into our chairs. the only moments of quiet where when we were chewing and sometimes, not even then. evening slipped into night and we remained. and when all we were left with were crumbs and drips, satisfied bellies and exhausted chuckles, we said our goodbyes. it felt like midnight. but it was merely nine. this is what summer nights are all about. minutes passing slower. longer days. more time.