{saturdaysanté} week 23 | june 7

english muffins1


this weekend was a bit of a foodie time. lots of cooking and eating and enjoying meals with some good people. pretty sure the best kinds of weekends include activities like that.

this week has been a wild one. there have been some simply fabulous days. but a few sprinkled in there that were busy and stupid and comical. some days are just ridiculous, you know? a comedy of errors. on days like that, i am extra aware of and grateful for His mercies which are new every morning. on days like that, i find myself giggling at the ridiculousness. i mean, what else can you do? this is the day that the Lord has made. you gotta rejoice and be glad in it.

there were a couple of days that were ended with our shaking our heads at the series of unfortunate events which unfolded...and a collective sigh of gratitude for a fresh day ahead, full of possibilities, with no mistakes in it yet. {oh anne shirley, you always know just what to say}

so when the weekend came, we were all about doing simple and enjoyable things. activities that were soothing. and around here, that has meant bread-baking. and this week's bread was a perfect choice. english muffins. ben got his starter out and worked some magic. and before you could say, "bob's your uncle!" we were sitting down to enjoy some eggs florentine-esque sandwiches. cultured butter and creamy avocado and pasture eggs and wilted garlic spinach. seriously, i could have eaten eight or nine of these. they were perfect. and you should have seen elinor nibbling and tearing those muffins. she was so happy. we were all pretty darn happy.

i am so grateful for God's daily manna. for his fresh provision of Heavenly bread. and i am grateful for my hubby and his weekend bread. thank you Lord for giving us pleasures, good things to enjoy.

full hearts and full tummies.