{saturdaysanté} week 22 | may 31

ss may31


this weekend was about much-needed-do-nothingness. completely unstructured and chill. really, truly exactly what we needed. days and weeks have a way of getting so full around here. i mean, in a fabulously busy and fulfilling way...but every so often you just need a whole lot of not much.

we agreed that we would take saturday to do what we needed to do to feel relaxed and rejuvenated some sunday. i was kind of desperate for a lengthy and improvisational yoga flow...but that wasn't really ben's jam. he wanted to spend the better part of the day in the kitchen. no complaints here. our little family deeply savored our family fun time and then, when elinor went down for her naps, the parents went about their business. to each, his or her own. we got into our own groove while enjoying each other's company in the process. ben baked sourdough and i did some serious hip openers. we had our own restorative practices going but ended the day feeling equally content with the day. we sipped wine and enjoyed some warm bread. we chatted and laughed. we played games with elinor and after she was in bed, decided to spend the remainder of the evening listening to some jazz and playing cards. it was simple and old school and lovely. another sweet saturday.