green goodness

hey there folksies.  can we just pause for a moment and discuss the fact that it is already june? JUUUUUNE. this "new year" of ours is practically half way over. what on earth is going on around here? okay, let me tell you what is going on around here. that old "time flies" maxim is absolutely true. we sure have been having some fun. we are smack-dab in a glorious season when everything seems sweeter. perhaps because we have been focusing on making some fun from the everyday. intentionally making enjoyment and joy priorities. it is much too easy to just get through the day and "is it friday yet?" your way through the week. yes, j'adore when friday arrives. i LOVE our weekends. there is something magical there. but, during a busy week, when fun stuff can seem scarce, that's when you need to stop. take a look around. notice the sweet things around you. the simple pleasures. you just make fun happen.

one of the ways that we do this is by chucking the schedule out the window {or, shift and reschedule things if you are a control freak like me} and go out. we people watch. take in the surroundings. take moments to teach.

and for these moments of last-minute-no-way-i-am-cooking-and-hanging-around-here, we like to keep things easy breezy. we usually select something that is similar to how we cook at home but with a dash of comfort food or an extra helping of the coolness factor. and of course, food tastes extra yum when someone else does it for you.  plus, no, bonus!

green3 green2 green1

oh green restaurant, you are a tasty beast. we love your hippie-dippie vibe and flavorful dishes. again, any spot that serves up kombucha has my thumbs up. see you soon. if only so elinor can people watch and - ahem - judge.