taking stock | may's end


|making| plans. |cooking| has turned into the chopping, assembling, and arranging of uncooked things. |drinking| all the fluids. oh summer. you dry, dry thing you. |reading| c.s. lewis + the books from my last list + sneaking a peek at hubby's b.j. novak book when he isn't looking. |wanting| to go on a yoga retreat in the mountains. |looking| forward to what summer has in store. |playing| with elinor's baby curls that twist up when she gets hot. |wasting| baby wipes. i use too many and elinor loves to pluck them from the travel container and wipe her mouth. at least she is a cute little waster... |sewing| a needle pulling thread. lyrics are all i've got going on in this department. |wishing| upon all the stars in the summer sky. |enjoying| my early morning tea and study time. |waiting| for the sun to set. |liking| my espadrille flats. |wondering| which dining table to buy... |loving| the month of may. |hoping| dreaming. planning. reveling. savoring. |marveling| at the small but mighty delights in each new day. |needing| to pick up my french lessons again. |smelling| patchouli. |wearing| a linen dress and bare feet and coral lipstick. |noticing| how beachy and blonde my hair is becoming. |knowing| who i am and who i am not. |thinking| about weaning elinor. |feeling| busy and full and ready for the next thing. |bookmarking| novels and craig's list items and sassy, comfy dresses. |opening| a container of peanut butter. |giggling| at my hubby's witty remarks.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.