mother's day


this was my second mother's day with elinor.  good gracious.  time, you are a crazy thing.  and it was sure a marvelous day.  weekend, really.  i felt so spoiled by my sweet family.  they are good to me.

elinor created this work of art with some assistance from that dear hubby of mine.  and then, my petite daughter proudly handed me a box with the daintiest and loveliest ring.  a perfect reminder of this little life that has made such a remarkable impact.  and there were pretty flowers.  and there was so much scrumptious food...and baked treats.  nothing like muffins and scones to mark an occasion, am i right?

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it was one of those "pinch me" days.  this has been given to me?  to me?  i am so humbled by the generosity of my God and the generosity of my family.

and my man, i am so blessed to have him.  so honored to get to experience this parenting adventure with him.  to be by his side for this journey.  and our little girl is the bee's knees.  so effervescent.  such a force.  so loud and funny.  she's a hoot.  and she is challenging in such a good way.  i just love who God made her.

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on mother's day, i wore ben's grandmother's cocktail ring.  i wore my paternal grandmother's dainty watch with an inscription from my grandpa.  and i wore my new ring from my little girl.  i celebrated generations of women.  of girls.  of mamas.  of grandmamas.  of family.  of love and heritage.


being the mother of a precious life.  what a weighty calling.  i am partially responsible for forming that sweet little one. for raising her up and training her. molding her perspective. shaping her personality. nourishing and nurturing.  i need to be a model for her. i want to be an example of health and balance. i want to surround her with truth and beauty. i want her to be secure in her identity. knowing that she belongs to Christ and is loved by Him. deeply feeling a sense of safety and belonging in our family. that home is a place where she has the freedom to explore and learn and develop - and to be her authentic self. i want to encourage her so that she is bold whenever she enters the world.

i just keep praying that ben and i are continuously equipped to parent this little life...into a big life.  a tiny powerhouse who does big things and maintains a tender heart and bold spirit.  fierce and soft.  sensitive and strong.  sugar and spice.

i want to make sure to raise up a daughter who knows she is more than just bright eyes and soft hair and a pretty face and perfect pout and sweet expressions and dresses and bows and fancy shoes {although, all those things are lovely and uniquely girly and fabulous}. but, she has a deeper identity. she has been given a mind to be used to form intelligent thoughts and participate in discourse. she has been given a spirit that should be even more lovely and bright than her blue eyes. she has personality. she has a body that should be kept strong and healthy so that it is a fit temple for the Holy Spirit and can be used to serve others. yes, she can put effort into her appearance. yes, i hope that people compliment her. yes, she can be lovely. but the body isn't just for dressing in cute clothes. she is so much more than cute clothes. she is so much more than a pretty face. and for that matter, she is so much more than a smart cookie...or a talented musician...or a gifted writer...or an advanced reader...or you name it. she is a child of God. "charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." i pray that the Lord helps us "bring her up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord."

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i am reminded of this advice from John Witherspoon (Scottish Presbyterian pastor, President of Princeton (1768-1794), and signer of the Declaration of Independence) on raising Godly children.  it is so good.  amen to all of this.  i pray for these things, for wisdom.  may these be the principles of my parenting.  may i be a balanced and firm and loving and gracious parent.

  1. the best exercise in the world for children is to let them romp and jump about, as soon as they are able, according to their own fancy.
  2. a parent that has once obtained and knows how to preserve authority will do more by a look of displeasure, than another by the most passionate words and even blows. it holds universally in families and schools, and even the greater bodies of men, the army and navy, that those who keep the strictest discipline give the fewest strokes.
  3. there is not a more disgusting sight than the impotent rage of a parent who has no authority.
  4. i have heard some parents often say that they cannot correct their children unless they are angry; to whom i have usually answered, then you ought not to correct them at all.
  5. nothing can be more weak and foolish, or more destructive of authority, than when children are noisy and in an ill humor, to give them or promise them something to appease them.
  6. let it always be seen that you are more displeased at sin than at folly.
  7. nothing is more destructive of authority than frequent disputes and chiding upon small matters. this is often more irksome to children than parents are aware of.
  8. i am fully persuaded that the plainest and shortest road to real politeness of carriage, and the most amiable sort of hospitality is to think of others just as a Christian ought, and to express these thoughts with modesty and candor.
  9. many parents are much more ready to tell their children such or such a thing is mean, and not like a gentleman, than to warn them that they will incur the displeasure of their Maker.
  10. it is a very nice thing in religion to know the real connection between, and the proper mixture of, spirit [i.e., matters of the heart] and form [i.e., disciplines like family worship and church attendance]. the form without the spirit is good for nothing; but on the other hand, the spirit without the form never yet existed.