{saturdaysanté} week 19 | may 10

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on saturday, hubby and i had the entire morning to ourselves.  the little miss was still enjoying her first sleepover and we were still enjoying a little us time.

we didn't exactly sleep in, but we did start the day slowly.  we sat on the couch together and went grocery shopping together.  we sipped coffee.  we chatted.  we practiced some yoga.  we relaxed.  no timelines.  no naptimes to coordinate.  it was kind of fun.  and kind of strange.

what did we do with ourselves before elinor?  just us.  with all that time on our hands.

while we enjoyed those precious, blissful coupledom moments, it was refreshing to have her back at the end of the day.  our little family.  things felt right.  much louder.  more messy.  but, right.