people!  do me a favor and head over to your app store asap and snag this amazingness.

storybyte, folks.

Storybyte is your way to elegantly inspire, share, and relive great stories. It’s where you can share all of life’s little stories instead of just one lifelong stream of information. Use pictures to chronologically tell your tales both as they unfold and from the past. Every story comes to an end, but with Storybyte, they can endure. Long live your stories.

this is such a beautiful concept and my mind is whirling with possibilities.  i won't dive into details here, it is really best to take it for a spin.  the gist is that you can load your images and add captions to paint a picture and build a storyline.  you can pick from witty presets or create your own from scratch.  you can tell big stories or quick snippets.

i have been dabbling and already told a few stories.  you can begin as many storylines as you’re inspired to tell from your iPhone, then share them as beautifully crafted, automagically created websites.  easy-peasy.

here and here and hereoh and this and this too. 



i am obsessed. and i am going to have so much fun. join me, won't you?