{saturdaysanté} week 13 | march 29



today was all about the eats.  as most days are...

we did some meal brainstorming and i wrote out our weekly menu for conspicuous posting.  from there, i listed the ingredients and it was off to the store.  we stocked up and returned home to put our loot away and prepare some lunch.

after elinor went down for her afternoon nap, the adults chilled with some tasty snacks.  it has been faaaaaar tooooo looooong since we had a chunk of time on a saturday afternoon to just, relax.  we talked and planned and vegged.  and nibbled on some roasted and celtic sea salted chickpeas + organic ballpark-style peanuts + kombucha.

i love a good leisurely afternoon.  this one has been a long time coming.  it felt good.

and then, saturday supper.  smashed roasted garlic spread on seeded sourdough + buttery 'shrooms + caramelized sweet onions and shallots + arugula + ricotta.  and a glass of zin.  santé! indeed.