put your foot up and stay for a while

house2 this silly goose has a new favorite: storage boxes.  perhaps she developed a love for boxes during our move while having to exist and play surrounded by those imposing towers of boxage.  she is fascinated by boxes and their contents.  she drags them around, stacks them, lifts lids, peeks inside, takes things out, puts things back, {repeat}

during a recent playtime, elinor took pause.  she stood back, sized up the box, nodded in approval as if to say to herself, "why yes, elinor, there is most definitely enough space in that box", and then she climbed in.  i resisted my instinct to jump at her first grunt of frustration and assist her in adjusting her contorted body.  somehow, she managed to squeeze herself in, blocks and books and all.  one leg in the air...and the other...no idea where it ended up.  and she just sat there.  happy as a clam.  kind of folded up like a clam, for that matter.

she giggled to herself, sang songs, examined her blocks, and read a book or two.  at one point, she put her arms out to the side in airplane style and made pffffff sounds.  not sure where that came from.  perhaps her little imagination was taking her over the Atlantic on her first solo flight.  perhaps she was flying south for the winter.  whatever her little mind was thinking, it was a blast to watch.