getting settled and stuff.

house1 just wanted to sneak in a quick moment for a little "hello there!"  all is well at the new digs.  we are pretty much settled, amazing!  the boxes are unpacked and it feels like we are 97% there.  as long as you don't look in the garage...

now, it is all about organizing all the odds and ends.  AAAAND adding in finishing touches.  the little things that make a big difference.  i'm sure i will be placing and replacing and moving and decorating and adjusting for the next few weeks until i get it "just so".

buuuut, we already love it.  yay, yay, yay.  so excited to get our large and long dining table in so we can host family gatherings.  i have visions of sunday suppers filling my head...

and, in case you were wondering, miss elinor is a champ.  she spent the moving day with grandma and then we got to introduce her to her new "big girl" room.  a tad more sophisticated for our toddler girl.  she is exploring all the new rooms and nooks and seems to approve.  although, she is a bit iffy about the grass at the nearby park.  hmmmm, we'll have to work on that one.


here is a horribly grainy, dirty iPhone lens pic i snapped this afternoon.  things are coming along.  i will try to get some better pics up soon...a mini virtual tour, for your snoopy-snooperson enjoyment.