taking stock | january's end

meande3 meande2 meande1 meande4 |making| lists and lists and lists. check boxes and to-do's and reminders, galore! |cooking| is not really happening much for the next week. it is all about easy-peasy while we are packing and moving. |drinking| probiotics and lots of green juice. |reading| fine print. oh, and those aforementioned to-do lists. |wanting| to be settled. |looking| around a bare home. |playing| bob Dylan, on repeat.  at elinor’s request. |wasting| chia seeds.  Those little buggers just keep jumping onto counters and floors. |sewing| bahaha!  that’s a good one. |wishing| for months and months of cool days.  to sit outside and savor. |enjoying| final moments in our home. |waiting| not so patiently. |liking| nay, loving, the glossy black walls in our new place. |wondering| how single moms do it. |loving| elinor's obsession with music and dance parties. |hoping| that i don't get sick. |marveling| at the steadfast nature of my hubby. so steady. so diligent. so determined. |needing| don't get me started. did i mention...lists and lists? |smelling| fresh paint. |wearing| my j.crew pencil jeans. all the live-long day. |following| some super funny mamas on twitter. |noticing| how many holes i put in the walls. |knowing| that i am enough. |thinking| all the time. too much. |feeling| happy. |bookmarking| decorating blogs and magazines. just getting my inspiration on. |opening| a big jar of peanut butter. |giggling| is good for the soul.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.